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Cordyceps Cs-4 Could Help You

Increase Energy

Cordyceps can help overall ATP production (ATP is the base unit of energy at the cellular level.), allowing for that natural boost of energy. All day, everyday, no matter what you're working on.

Increase Endurance

With the increased ATP levels comes an increase in how oxygen is utilized in the body. Helps improve VO2 Max, and poor VO2 Max is the reason athletes run out of gas...or why you get so tired working in the yard!

Improve Stamina

Helps to deliver much needed oxygen to the cells of the body. Now you can breathe easier when working out. And that brain of yours function quicker when focused on a project at work.

Lower Heart Rate

A lower heart rate can actually help you play your sport/work out for longer periods of time, whether that workout is a Spartan Race, an Ironman, or just a good lift at your local YMCA. You get to decide when you tap out and go home, not your overworked heart and lungs.

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